What is an Embroidery Machine?

An embroidery machine is somthing that automatically creates a design on fabric, based on a pattern, usually entered into a computer.

Typically the only thing the user has to do is insert the correct color thread spools and load the design. Many modern ones are high tech and make this very easy with the use of a touch-screen LCD.

And they aren't as expensive as you would think, thanks to heavy competition.

Design files to upload can be bought, but there are also free embroidery designs you can get online. There are some programs out there that will even convert your pictures automatically into the proper design format. It's neat to have your favorite memories put on fabric.

Typical Faults

  • Missing stitches
  • Thread Braking
  • Thread getting Caught underneath
  • Motor Slipping
  • Embroidery Unit Adjustment
  • X Y shaft breing alingment
  • Screen Calibration
  • Machine Balancing
  • Software Updates
  • Design Updates

Areas covered

We cover all of England, Scotland and Wales.

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