I have uneven Stitches, somtimes none at all!

Try these fixes:

Rethread your needle
It may be threaded in the wrong direction. Something simple could cause a lot of frustration so it's always advised to start with the basics and work your way up.

Reinsert your needle
Make sure it goes all the way into the holder and that it’s positioned correctly – usually with the flat side away from the bobbin, but consult your machine’s manual to be sure.

Change your needle
Your needle may be blunt, bent, or otherwise damaged. Your fabric may require a different needle. Generally, heavier fabrics require larger needles and thinner fabrics, smaller needles. You may also need a larger needle if you’re sewing through many layers of fabric. And make sure to use a ballpoint needle for knit fabrics and a sharp needle for wovens (or a universal needle for either). And make sure your needle is appropriate for the type of thread you’re using.

Adjust the pressure of your presser foot
It may be too light for your fabric.
Change your thread
If your upper thread and bobbin threads are different types, try using the same thread for both. And use a good quality, brand name thread.

Adjust your thread tension
It may be too tight or too loose.

Rethread your machine
It may be threaded incorrectly.
Check your bobbin make sure it’s threaded correctly. Don’t pull your fabric as you sew just guide your fabric, letting it feed on it’s own.

Check your feed dogs* for lint
If your feed dogs are clogged with lint, they're not gripping your fabric properly. Remove your presser foot and clean out any lint with an old toothbrush.

By trying the above you can determine where it is something simple causing these problems. If this doesn't help then the fault may be more sinister, it could be needle bar alingment, Needle bar height, Stitch timing and machine synchronization all of the above can easily be caused by bunching or jamming Contact us for free advice and assistance.