My Sewing Machine Doesn't feed the fabric!

Try these fixes:

Check your fabric
Make sure it isn’t caught on something.

Check your presser foot
Make sure it’s screwed tightly in place.

Adjust the pressure of your presser foot
It may be too light or too heavy for your fabric.

Check your feed dogs* for lint

If your feed dogs are clogged with lint, they're not gripping your fabric properly. Remove your presser foot and clean out any lint with an old toothbrush.
Raise your feed dogs
If your machine has this function. They may have been inadvertently lowered.

Check your stitch length regulator
If it’s set at “0” or a very small number, try switching to a longer stitch length.

Change your needle
It may be damaged.

Check your needle plate
Make sure it’s securely in place.

Worst case scenarion there may be a broken feed gear or your your sewing machine may need a feed timing adjustment Contact us for free advice and assistance.