Why is my Thread bunching underneath?

Try these fixes:

Rethread your machine
It may be threaded incorrectly. Nine times out of ten times when thread bunches up underneath the needle plate it is because your machine is not threaded up correctly, Usually this happens when the take up lever has been missed or the thread has fallen out Also if the top tension unit has been missed, has developed a fault or is set to low this will cause excessive thread to loop around the bobbin case and bunch. Excessive bunching can lead to major thread jams and can knock the syncronization of your whole sewing machine out.

Raise your feed dogs*
If your machine has this feature.

Also, before you start to sew a seam, grasp the thread tails from the upper and bobbin threads. Hold them back and out of the way as you sew your first couple of stitches. This will keep them from getting caught in your machine.

If this doesn't help then the fault may be more sinister, Contact us for free advice and assistance.